Individuals as well as legal persons are invited to apply for ILSAF membership. The few preconditions of becoming a member are mentioned in Art. 7 (3) of the association’s statutes, which you find below. Please read the statutes carefully.
Joining ILSAF only takes three steps:

  1.  Fill the Membership Application Form;
  2. Check the scheme of membership fees below and fill the
    Debit Mandate Form;
  3. Send both forms and – if applicable – proof of your right to
    pay a reduced annual fee to

Membership Fees

On 16 March 2022, ILSAF’s General Assembly approved the following scheme of fees:

  • Regular annual fee: EUR 60.00
  • Annual fee for institutions, organisations and companies: EUR 120.00
  • Reduced annual fee (e.g. for students and unemployed): EUR 30.00
  • Reduced annual fee for members living in Afghanistan: EUR 10.00

Please not the following important points.

If you cannot transfer the membership fees to ILSAF’s bank account for technical reasons, please ask a relative, friend or colleague in Germany or another EU country to do this for you and reimburse that person.
ILSAF will not exclude anyone due to his or her inability to pay the membership fees. If you are unable to pay a reduced fee, or if you do not find any way to have the due amount transferred to ILSAF’s bank account, please contact us at We will together search  for a solution, and handle your request confidentially.
We kindly ask for your understanding that ILSAF is run by volunteers who have limited time. We therefore insist that all membership fees be paid through standardised systems. While we prefer that members (or others who transfer the fees in their behalf) use our Debit Mandate Form, you may also set up a Standing Order with your bank. In any case we would prefer not to spend much time on
reminding members of their duty to pay their membership fees.


ILSAF gratefully accepts donations, which we will use in a responsible manner for our work. You may send your voluntary contribution to  the following bank account:

NAME: Institute for Law and Society in Afghanistan e.V.
BANK: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
IBAN: DE82 4306 0967 1296 5512 00


Please find the official statutes in German language here and an
unofficial English translation here